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Question: If I add or subtract geometry from the sphere and therefore affect its size, should I change my finished sphere’s radius to compensate for this?
Answer: Yes, you should attempt to match your finished sphere’s size as closely as possible to the rendered template included in your downloaded scene. Your sphere should always be resting on the grid plane.

Question: Where do I download the scene template from?
Answer: You can download scene templates right here (use "Download your Scene" to the right) or by clicking on “The Project” link.

Question: None of the supplied scene templates are compatible with my 3D application. What should I do?
Answer: There are various freeware geometry converters available on the internet that can convert the models archived in the ZIP files to your application of choice. Generally, the Wavefront OBJ scene is the most universally accepted model type but unfortunately does not contain the camera information.

Question: My scene imports fine but the camera is not there, or does not contain proper lens and placement information. What should I do?
Answer: Most of the scenes contain point objects for alignment purposes in case you need to re-create the camera. The camera should always be facing the center of the sphere. To match the field of view and perspective, please use the rendered template included in your downloaded scene as a visual aid.

Question: Do I have to use the grid texture and model as my background?
Answer: Yes, this is one of our few strict requirements so that we can maintain some amount of consistency within the submissions. You may not modify the model or the grid lines.

Question: I understand I cannot modify the grid plane. However, can I place objects onto it?
Answer: Yes, you may place objects on the grid plane. However, please try to keep the back wall of the grid free of obstructions for consistency purposes.

Question: How many submissions can I contribute?
Answer: You may contribute as many submissions as you like. However, please keep in mind that quality is far more important than quantity.

Question: What happened to my submission?
Answer: Your submission may have been removed for not following the rules. If this is the case, you should have received an email notification explaining why. Please review the rules carefully before contributing.

Question: Do I have to use the supplied scene lights or can I create my own?
Answer: We encourage you to create your own lighting system.

Question: I have successfully converted a scene into a format that you currently do not offer. Are you interested in adding it to the list?
Answer: Absolutely! We would like to ultimately make the scene available for as many 3D applications as possible. Please email us your zipped scene, along with a preview rendered image.

Question: How do I update my submission details and image?
Answer: Once you log in, you will see a link on the top, right hand corner of the site called “My Account”. You are then able to select any of your submissions and edit any of the details. Within this page, there is also an “Update Image” button.

Question: Is voting anonymous?
Answer: No, voting is not anonymous. Your username will be displayed with each vote you cast. This is to discourage users from casting undeserved votes.

Question: Why does the voting slider appear on different values for different submissions?
Answer: Once a submission has been voted on, the slider will appear on the average rating accumulated thus far. If you vote higher or the same as the current average your vote will be cast. If you vote lower than the current average, you must briefly explain why you feel the submission deserves a lower vote. If you do not enter an explanation, your vote will not be accepted.

Question: One of the submissions has broken the rules. Should I report it?
Answer: No. We monitor The Sphere Project on a daily basis and we will notify users to correct and update their submission if it has broken the rules. You should not vote a submission low because they are not following the rules but you may kindly comment that they have done so.

Question: I have received an abusive comment from a user. What can I do?
Answer: Click on the red “Report Abuse” button next to the comment and we will be notified to review it. If we feel it is abusive, we will remove the comment and warn or ban the user. If we do not feel it is abusive, we will allow the comment to remain posted.

Question: What is the download link in the submission detail page used for?
Answer: As a submitter, you may decide to store your scene files, or any other files relating to The Sphere Project, on our server. This is especially useful if you have numerous submissions and you wish to keep the data files for each scene safely organized. Files do not have to be scene files – they can be tutorials, shareware plugins, models, etc. You have the option of sharing your files with other users and we encourage everyone to do so.

Question: How can I become a featured artist?
Answer: Each month, we receive thousands of exceptional submissions. Out of all these, we select one or two artists whose work clearly excels above the rest and we ask them if they wish to become a featured artist. Only those with the highest quality submissions are considered for featured artist profiles.

Question: I have seen a submission that infringes copyright law. What should I do?
Answer: If you see any submission that uses unauthorized copyright-protected content, please report it. We do not tolerate stolen work of any kind. You can report the submission by choosing "Claim of Copyright Infringement" under the "Contact Us" link on the top, right hand corner of the site.

Question: Can I use artwork from CGSphere.com for other uses?
Answer: Unless you are the artist of that particular piece, you absolutely may not use any content from CGSphere.com for any purpose whatsoever, whether it be commercial, educational or non-profit, without the written permission of both CGSphere.com and the original artist. Please carefully review the terms of use.