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Please tell us a bit about yourself and what led to your interest in computer graphics.

Hi guys, well, my name is Adam Woodward and I am 26 and I am a 3D architectural visualiser currently working in Bournemouth, England. I studied HND illustration at Bournemouth University for 2 years then fell into a job as a 3d architectural visualiser. Well, what led me to becoming interested in 3d graphics was when I was at university. I have always wanted to become a Children’s book illustrator, using traditional methods and medium like oils and water colour etc. It has been my dream for quite sometime and it was only till recently that I had the opportunity to follow up on this dream. I have always thought that cgi’s were cheating in a way. In a sense that it does all the hard work for you, lighting, good textures and so on. So it took the skill out of becoming a good artist, then I saw a picture done by a friend in 3ds max and was amazed! still humming and arring about 3d I realised that this was the way forward and I had to learn it if I was to move with the times and get a job, so I taught myself 3DS max and became a fellow cheater! I then realised that you do need skill to become a successful 3d artist. Lighting and texturing is the most important aspects of becoming talented in this field. Through experimenting with these methods I learnt how to create realistic images, and I think that is a skill in its own.

Do you work fulltime in the computer graphics industry or is it a part time hobby?

Yep, I work full time at the moment as a 3d architectural visualiser and have just set up my own company called Kube visuals that will be open for business on the 11th February. We produce CGI visuals for mainly the south of England, but hoping it will set off and will try and get work abroad at some point. I have to be honest and say that this was the last thing I wanted to get into, as I’m not that technical! But I have no regrets doing this work as it has taught me so much. As an illustrator I learnt that you have to be adaptive as digital media has taken over and there isn’t so much work out there for a traditional artist!

Where do you find the inspiration for your artwork? Are there any artists or studios you admire?

Well I have always been a very creative and imaginative person since I was a child, always drawing and painting made up characters and imaginary worlds; anywhere my imagination could take me. I generally look at other 3d websites to admire other peoples work and inevitably some pieces really stick in my head, I think it’s important to look at other works and get an idea of what other artists are producing at the moment. But generally all my ideas are my own. I am of course a big fan of Pixar and Dreamworks and there are so many other up and coming companies that are producing some amazing stuff, these do inspire me to keep at it and better myself. Just recently Hatch Studios inspired me on my "Fridge critter" entry, so thanks to Richard Rosenman for that!

Please tell us a bit about you CG work. What is your favorite piece? How long have you been doing it? What aspect of it do you enjoy the most?

Professionally I have been doing 3d work for about 6 years now mainly just architectural visuals, and I have to say that in that time I have not really produced any real quality 3d images out of work. I was always working for my previous company round the clock and never had any time to just sit down and do what I love best.... plus I have a girlfriend, need I say anymore on that! lol. The images I am showing here are pretty much what I have done recently and they were done whilst at work in my lunch breaks! The frog I am very happy with, as its the most photoreal image I have done to date, but that will all change now that I have more time, and thanks to CGSphere for putting my brain back into gear and giving me the drive to start getting some new images together for a new portfolio. So thanks to Michael Kocurek and Richard Rosenman for producing such a great web site! What I love most about creating CGI’s, is knowing that there are no limitations to what I can achieve. I suppose the same goes for traditional methods, but with digital mediums I can produce very detailed visuals with better results in half the time to what it would take me to paint, it really does give you more options and is very versatile.

Is there a particular piece of software you prefer to use for your artwork? Please explain why?

At the moment I’m using 3Ds max 8 with vray, and I do love it, maybe because I’m used to it but it is very easy to use and learn. For my line of work Max is a must. It is excellent for technical modeling. A couple of years ago I was using some software called Form Z (please don’t laugh) and Cinema 4D, and in comparison Max dwarfs them in terms of ease of use and render capabilities. But more recently I have been trying to learn Z brush which really is amazing, so easy to use and pick up basic skills, I think if your into character modeling then this is the right choice, but for now max and PhotoShop go hand in hand for me.

Please tell us about your CGSphere.com submission(s); what you like about it (them), and what you would like to improve.

Well I’m very proud of my entries as they are the most imaginative things I have done for many years! When I saw the link for CGSphere.com I was curious and so checked it out, saw some interesting submissions and thought I would give it ago. I was only going to do one entry which was "Mushroom Land" which I was fairly pleased with for a quickie and then I got the bug for doing more! I’m proud of all of my entries as all of them have been done whilst at my old job! so I was constantly looking over my shoulder in case the boss was about! so in doing this at work I only really put 50% effort into my pictures, so I’m very happy with all of them for that reason.
I wont talk about all of them, but my favorite has to be "DON’T DO IT!!!" I really wanted to do something different and tried to think "outside the box" so to speak, I think it turned out very well and has done fairly well on the site, just glad I did the idea before someone else! lol. As for all the other submissions I just wanted them to stand out, add some twists and try and stretch the boundaries by adding other objects to make small scenes. "Sphere city" was good because it changed the scale of the sphere and made a small world, and with "Mini adventure" It was an illusion I was trying to create, some liked some didn't. With the "BIG BIRD" entry this was my first attempt at creating a comical 3d character in 3d so was very happy with the outcome. I think the only thing that I would like to improve on would be to spend more time on the whole picture and not to rush them, really do some detailed work at some point, I don’t think that I have really ever stretched myself.

Please share with us what you like most about The Sphere Project, and what features you would like to see added.

The sphere project has been a huge success I think with 3D artists from all over the globe participating and that’s what I like about the site the most, its great to see other artists interpretations of what they can do with a sphere. It is the most simplest of objects and is what all new 3d artists test when starting of in 3d (well I did anyway) so it’s quite amazing that there are so many different ideas, some of the submissions are fantastic, there is so much talent. Its great that you don’t have to be a master in 3d to get your work viewed by thousands of people.
I think many good features have already been added recently, especially with the new voting system. It was slightly unfair with how some people casted their votes on the old system. Many if not all of the artists take pride in their visuals and when someone votes you an unjustified low rating it can be very annoying, its not a competition but I feel that every good artist has that competitive edge to them, even if its just for fun.
If I was going to add some interesting features though I think maybe having a themed add on to the site where everyone has to do a similar project, would be very interesting to see the difference in styles and ideas.

If you could give any advice to other developing artists what would it be?

Me giving out advice! well I would say that try and better yourself constantly in whatever you do, keep working hard at what you love, its tough competition in 3d now with so many talented people out there, its only till now that I have developed my own style and furthered my knowledge in CGI that I feel confident enough to push myself to try and become a better 3d artist. Just try and expand your skills and ideas to create an individual look to your art work, maybe you will get noticed? If you believe you can do it, you will.