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Please tell us a bit about yourself and what led to your interest in computer graphics.

My name is Ghouali Abdelatif and I am 29 years old, I love drawing and designing since my childhood, after doing lots of drawing and comics from 12 years to 20 computer graphics comes to me naturally because I felt and thought it’s the logical next step that I had to do. Since it can give me endless possibilities especially when discovered the power of 3d animation and lighting, it wasn’t easy at the beginning because am completely self-taught, and beginning from 0 isn’t really funny especially when you have to read 100 of pages next to your screen, but I should thanks all that guys who shares their skills with the others by writing tutorials, tricks and tips, really god bless them.

Do you work fulltime in the computer graphics industry or is it a part time hobby?

I worked and still working fulltime since 2000, I did it in many commercials agency for 4 years because I am a graphic designer also, who worked a lots in print design, and now I am freelancer since 4 years specialized only in 3d animation and composting, I think its better like that because I am feeling that have more freedom in the creation process.

Where do you find the inspiration for your artwork? Are there any artists or studios you admire?

IThe inspiration comes to me suddenly, I can't really explain how it happen, but most of them comes after visiting places or watching movies or by watching the others artworks, the music also is very helpful, and then its like an obsession i feel that I must do it, sometimes I leave it just after the beginning when other times i feel having the energy and the pleasure to finish it, so there is no rules! About admiration I think guys like Katsuhiro Ottomo, Mamoro Oshi, Shinichiro Watanbe, I love also louis Royo, frank Frazetta..painting artworks. About Cg I like studios like blur, square, Pixar, Cafe FX, digital domain or ILM because they are the most creative in these times, they really keep pushing the limit of the cg possibilities and bringing us new exploring area and motivations!

Please tell us a bit about you CG work. What is your favorite piece? How long have you been doing it? What aspect of it do you enjoy the most?

I don’t have a preferences and I am rarely satisfied with the final results, but i think my cg spheres are the most preferred, because I focused much more in the lighting and shading process and they are the most part that I like, shading, lighting, and composting, really loved to make them. For the creation time it can be from 1 or 2 days to 30 days per piece, it depend in my motivation, sometimes i begin working in one while others better ideas comes, so, all my cg spheres took me about 4 to 5 days per piece.

Is there a particular piece of software you prefer to use for your artwork? Please explain why?

I like to use Lightwave 3d, I am feeling comfortable in and I use it since 5 years, and the power the speed of frime renderer make it better. I want to comeback using 3dsmax because it is really powerful in his latest releases, but iam focusing right now in digital sculpting in zBrush and Mudbox, these software are really a newest way of modeling and I think they will takes more place in the modeling pipelines in the future, and needn’t to explain you why I love  to do composting still images in Photoshop.

Please tell us about your CGSphere.com submission(s); what you like about it (them), and what you would like to improve.

I love the moh's ball one. I think this piece can tell a story simply by a 1 frame shot, a dark destiny of a poor guy. Focused more in the atmosphere and the mood in this, about the Sayan Attack, its simply a nostalgic dragon ball z idea and I am still wondered why nobody did it before me since lots of CG artist are a childs from manga generation, for the last samurai sphere, its only a lighting and shading challenge, I wanted to create something beautiful with a simple sphere, so the main idea was not so important for me than the esthetical look, I wanted and tried also to recreat the old Japanese look movies, but I have to notice that in all of them I got only 50 % or less of my goals, I want to improve more the lighting and the shading and more, I don’t know if it has a name, but I am talking about this thing who makes you asking if its real or cg, its more than a shading or Good rendering engine or a photorealistic things.

Please share with us what you like most about The Sphere Project, and what features you would like to see added.

The most interesting part in cg sphere project is that you must focus in the idea at first and the restrictions and rules you have makes you  be creative, so what and how you can do with a  simple sphere template? I wondered how some users creates different perspective from this template !!its fantastic. About improvement I like to see a many challenge sections there, for example and new cg sphere project with newest rules, restrictions.

If you could give any advice to other developing artists what would it be?

I don’t know if I am able to give the others advices, but I think the software is just a tool and no matter if you use “cheap” Software, Software used in a movie or a commercial. The most important is to focus on your art, your idea and concept and keep studying the traditional techniques and translate them with your software into artwork. Don’t forget to pay attention to details, also - it’s the key to realism.