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Please tell us a bit about yourself and what led to your interest in computer graphics.

My name is Guillaume Gaillard ( a.k.a. GHiOM ), I'm 30 years old, married and I've 1 child. I'm French freelance 3D artist since 2002, I'm Learning myself 3D at home since 1995.

I'm a computer addict since i was very young, with an Atari 600XL and it's tablet graphic . I've always wanted to be a drawer, painter or designer . I've studying Art and design, but with Old school tools : Rotring, paper, marker ... no Ctrl-Z , no Ctrl-C , no Ctrl-V ! I've learn myself Virtools to create some concept art made with Virtual reality and interactive rooms during the 1990 years.

Do you work fulltime in the computer graphics industry or is it a part time hobby?

Yes, I work full time as a freelancer at home for Movies, TV, NextGen Video Games, architecture, advertisement and product design. Freelance is something that i really like, we are very productive and in good condition at home with family. It's more difficult is to stop to working.

When I've some free time I create my own artwork for fun and to learn new tools. On the other hand, sometimes I read some articles about studios like pixar, Blur or others, and i think that it would be great to work with a lot of great artist in the same place. Freelance at home can feel alone sometimes.

Where do you find the inspiration for your artwork? Are there any artists or studios you admire?

My inspiration comes from everywhere. First of all, real life is very interesting. I can look everywhere and study light, surfaces, atmosphere and seeing something which is beautiful and gives me desire to create a new scene which "translates" my feeling. A stone, a reflection on a metal piece, caustic of a glasses on a table, light from a window on a roof , people... everything!

Secondly, on the Web. They are a lot of Good place were we can see or discover very beautiful pieces of artwork like CgSphere, Cgtalk, Evermotion, 3Dtotal, 3Dvf and many many more. I visit daily those forums to see new artwork, learn some tips and sharing my knowledge and my artwork.

But originaly, there are some movies first which have given me the desire to do pictures for work, like Tron, Star Wars, Blade Runner, 2001 l'odyssé de l'espace... There are also some Video Games which have push me to learn how to do real time contents like Grim Fandango, Tomb Raider, PacMan, Omikron The Nomad Soul, Quake and some more.

When i want to have pleasure by looking at beautifful 3D artwork, I'm looking at Tim Borgmann, André Kutscherauer, Jonathan Simard, Neil Belvin and many many other 3D artist. The Web is incredible to discover new artists and works.

Please tell us a bit about you CG work. What is your favorite piece? How long have you been doing it? What aspect of it do you enjoy the most?

My Favorite one is my professional CG work. This is “Trafalgar“ the movie directed by Fabrice Hourlier. A 52 minutes 3D movie with real actors about the biggest marine war with Napoleon and Nelson. The 3D contents are created in 8 month by only 2-3 freelance artist, at home, in different city's. I've modeled and textured a lot of big old boats with some old oil paint as a reference, some landscape, architectures and others stuff. This film will be released in May in France and must be out around the world some time after. This work is my favorite because it was the biggest project I've been working on and is very different compared to my personal artwork.

Because we were only 2 or 3 people to build the contents, each artist could add a little of his sensibility and personality. We have a lot of liberty in art and to organize our work.

Is there a particular piece of software you prefer to use for your artwork? Please explain why?

My favorite software "must" be 3dsmax because it's the first tool I've really learn to work on a professional level. I know how to use it and I've assimilated since a long time the philosophy of the tools and the UI. Since 3DSMAX3, now it's my "third hand".

With this software i can work with real time content like video games, Viz like architecture or design products and on HD movie. But the most important thing about this software is the variety of good tools for me which I can buy to improve my workflow.

For modeling I'm using Polyboost - which is my favorite tools. For rendering i use ARTVPS products, VRAY and MentalRay. Depends on what i have to do. In mid 2006 I've discover a really good software which took over a good portion of my heart. Modo20x from luxology! I really love the shadertree, paint tools and the real time preview render which is incredibly useful to setup lights and shaders!

Please tell us about your CGSphere.com submission(s); what you like about it (them), and what you would like to improve.

I haven't participated in a challenge for years. I can't remember were I've read about this challenge, maybe everywhere. The story is that I've just bought a new software, Modo202, and i needed some practice to learn it. I've decide to take an hour or 2 some days (per week) to do something with it. And I think that the Cgsphere challenge could be a good pretext for practice.

My first submission was "everything start by conquering a sphere" it's a pink ovule and some blue spermatozoon. I like this one because it isn't just a spherised object. It's just the begin of life. This picture with this title has more to tell. The sphere is the first object that we do when we learn 3D. I can remember this when I started Modo for the first time, the first thing I've made is to put a sphere in the space before turning around and using all model tools which crossed my way. Until destruction was complete. This is like an ecological/human story. The conquest of the earth and planets. Competition and wars.

But I've choosen an ovule instead of the earth because it's the human story. I've decide to keep the picture sweet and soft and peaceful, because the first conquests is about love, the miracle of life and without any violence. To bring more positive thoghts and happiness. Because every time we conquer, a new sphere starts a new story.

Please share with us what you like most about The Sphere Project, and what features you would like to see added.

One thing that i really like is that there is nothing to win. We just share ideas and having fun. What a great idea has been released today? What a beautiful or impressive renders are out today? It's incredible how many ideas can be found about such a so simple and primitive form. The DataBase is very big now, maybe a search engine (ADMIN EDIT: IS NOW AVAILABLE) and a random browse mode in the gallery would be nice.

If you could give any advice to other developing artists what would it be?

The advices that i give most of times for newbies is:
That's a real chance to having Internet! Use it! That's an incredible school and showroom at the same time. Never stop to learn and try new tools and software to improve you workflow. Learn tools 1 by 1. Don't be afraid about sharing your work on the web to receive comments and critics. And always be polite. In most case, people that send critics (that reveal were your aren't good) want to help you. It's really better than just to read "wow it's nice" or "+1" which not helpful at all. So, try to find a forum were critics are really helpful.

Special for French artist: Use your software in English because the language is better to describe the tools and techniques. It's also more easy to find help, tutorial and tips which use the English version of the software.